How to find posts for a Specific Date?
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How to find posts for a Specific Date?
Sorry, if this inquiry is too simplistic, but I have not been able to figure out how to view Posts for a particluar date.
For example, how do I search to view posts from November 01, 2011?
Thanks for your help.
Yours truly, gulilero
I'd do the search this way:

Go to search engine and there you'll find Search Options (on the right hand side) > click Find posts from any posts date - there you select some specific period you're interested in. It's a rough search, but it can do.

Or, if you're looking for a specific thread (or post) of one CivilEA's member, then go to his/hers profile and press the button Find All Threads (i.e. Find All Posts), after you press this button, you'll get all of his/hers threads/ posts listed chronologically (on the left hand side, below the thread/post's title there is the date) .

Hope this helps.

Best regards,
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Thanks for taking the time to answer, but I didn't understand if your comments were meant to indicate that indeed is possible to search all posts/threads for a specific date.
Let's say that I was not online for a week and when I was able to connect I would like to see the posts I missed, not knowing anything else than the dates I was not online.
It would be easy to do if the search tool provided with the Ssearch tab would allow to search the field date, thus just putting the date, e.g., Nov. 1, 2012 like "11-01-2011" would provide all posts on that date. I am not sure if that is possible within the engine in our forum.
Yours truly, gulilero
as far as I know, it is not possible to find some specific post on a specific date (by some easy method).

sadly, I don't have any better solution for you except of those I mentioned and:

[Image: 41673835207553206957.png]


[Image: 10977281268604424382.png]

when I make the search by using option Find posts from a year ago I get this address in my browser:
Content of this section is hidden, You must be registered and activate your account to see this content. See this link to read how you can remove this limitation:

I was thinking to change something in this "code" to help you get the specific date, but I don't understand this "d5f4db43e15ae1358450deb33f86534f" :/

Maybe someone else have some better idea.

Best regards,
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Dear Grunf,

is the acronym for Search ID or Session ID.
According to myBB search.php: sid = md5(uniqid(microtime(), 1));
This means it's just an unique id for the search, it does not contain parameters.
It's used to append to the search log one user search, not to store any extra commands.
It is generated when you click the search button.
When a link is provided, the website uses this value to retrieve from the search log the previous search parameters.

In other words it's the name of a search not the search options.
If a wrong name is provided you'll get an error, because it's not in the search log.
And each search has a different, unique name, sid.

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For me it works in a simple way... View unread posts...and then at some page there are posts from 1.11.2012 for example

[Image: 97237329932630860930.jpg]

Always do what you are afraid to do...
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