Office building in Varna, Bulgaria
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Office building in Varna, Bulgaria
This will be the tallest building in Varna, Bulgaria
[Image: showimg.php?filename=zx500_592042.jpg]

I will appreciate your opinions
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So, where are the plans ???!!??
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although we are the designers, i think from environmentalism's perspective of view, i think this is not the best design for our world. There are a lot of high rise building that do contribute a lot to local warming. This sun-reflected material, glasses, is such very much popular design to architecture around the globe.

Can we produce shinny glass that does not reflect the heat energy? instead of reflect the sun, can we produce glass that absorb the heat and turn it into something green energy? It is time that architect need to learn environment in their classes, giving modern design to absorb the traditional culture. Heat energy can be transfer to generate building self-generated electrical power, and it is time for us, as pro to contribute to our awesome world.

And for us, as civil engineer/structural engineer, we also need to advise and being able to give opinion to makes and generate green and cleaner environment. Dont be afraid to be critics, justify why we need that, why we do that. Client also want to be part of the world.

Just my 2 cents opinion. thank you
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