Improvement on "Engineering Problems" section
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[SUGGESTION] Improvement on "Engineering Problems" section
Dear Admin and Moderators

I have a suggestion to open a discussion on how to improve "Engineering Problems" section.

Going thru the section we can see that most of the time questions are asked without proper data and people who are trying to help end up asking  for more info in order to help.

Considering the person who has a difficult situation in hand, I think we may try to come up some come kind of fill-in the blanks approach for them to post their questions and get answers faster

For example in Engineering books there are  a lot of formats,  we can gather a format for different types of questions.

I am just making up some format here just to get this topic started:

1- Question is about:  Analysis, design, foundation, beam, concrete , wood, etc (Say: Analysis)
2- Given: Applied code, loading, sketch of the problem (a picture worth a lot of words)
3- Answer requested for: (Having difficulty with ......?)

I think doing something like this will encourage forum members to answer the questions., and forum activity increases.

The person who is asking the question gets better and faster answers.
Saves time for everybody

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