What is "Hold dimension"
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What is "Hold dimension"
Hi Everyone
I have a little difficulties because i dont understand the word " hold dimension" in the machine foundation drawing which was sent to me.
They said such as " All dimensions are clearly provided. hence remove the "hold" mark in your final drawing" or "In our final drawing all hold dimensions removed. But in your
drawing it remains still."
So would you mind explaining clearly for me what "hold dimension" means.
Sorry for my bad english.
Thanks in advance.

in engineering drawings sometimes we do not have enough information to finalize drawings, at this condition one way is issuing the drawing with "HOLD" items.
HOLD items means some data or information that are not final yet hence construction team can not act on this information. HOLD dimension mean you have dimension i your drawing that marked "HOD" (usually mark with cloud in autocad or ...). you should remove that.
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I agree with Administrator,
I would like to add that some use "ON HOLD" the clarify which parts are not finished yet.
This means the construction process also must be on hold for those parts until the mark is removed.
(parts of project)
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Why don't you simply ask to the people who sent you these drawings.
Since I am not familiar with this term, but I can say that it could be interpreted as a fixed dimension or a dimension depends on somebody's approval which is you.
When you know please let us know.

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