Create new section for FE/PE Exam material
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[Request] Create new section for FE/PE Exam material

I am wondering if we can create new section for FE and PE material so, it will help number of people.
In the new section, Everyone find all the required reading material for FE and PE Exam. So, nobody have to look each section for the book.
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Although I'm not taking that kind of an exam, I would have to agree that this is not a bad idea.
Maybe there could be two sections within this section, like in e-books, where you have structural, geotechnical etc. sections, this could have section for materials, and section for user discussion.
That's my opinion.
Best regards
Question science
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I like the idea. Dividing it into two section is necessary FE and PE), since they are totally different type of exams. (PE have its own subsections).
I think it will attract a lot of young engineers even if they don't take these exams.
To my knowledge and observations in the forum, we don't have a lot of students, only practicing engineers. Am I right saying this?
I think that's a good Idea but I suggest to include also the SE exam because from all those three test this is the exam with less info on the web
I think it's a good idea but I'd also like to see a similar section for the IStructE exams. Its very hard to find information and, for students like myself, it would be interesting to see how practising engineers develop different scheme solutions for the exam.

Those prep courses can be very expensive and I find its one of the only examples of something that is very hard to download course material from the internet.
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I am not familiar with "IStructE" . Could you explain
SE means Structural Engineer exam. Is it?

The IStructE is short for the Institution of Structural Engineers, based in the UK. I'm open to correction but I believe its more popular in Europe and Commonwealth nations than in the US. The exam is seven hours in duration and you need to pass it (pass rate of around 36%) to become a chartered member of the institute. Given the demanding nature of the exam, an engineer who is a member is held in high regard! More info is available in the below link:

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(06-21-2012, 01:21 AM)ykhackhack Wrote: @columbus5
I am not familiar with "IStructE" . Could you explain
SE means Structural Engineer exam. Is it?

Sure SE= Structural engineer is a designation similar to the PE but only referred to the structural design to get that designation in USA you need to pass the 16hr Structural exam (PE and FE exam are only 8hrs) is separated in two groups vertical and lateral loads analysis any other info could be founded in the NCEES web page
In order to get all the thoughts together, I think we need to have something like following format for requirements:

FE (EIT)(Fundemantals of Engineering) exam: ___ hrs
PE (Professional Engineer)exam ___hrs
SE (Structural Engineer) exam:___hrs

Something like this format would be easy to follow.
This way if Admin wants to open this section, he can have pretty good idea of the needs of the forum members.

I would invite interested members to elaborate on this format.
Best regards

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