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A House Project
Current time: 10-22-2021, 05:27 AM
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Author: ykhackhack
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A House Project
I wanted to share a high end Single family residence plans
It is a 2 storey structure basically
And it is on piles. Grade beams and Structural slabs has been designed.
The layout plans has been changed by the Architect and owner so many times. They kept removing supports, making larger rooms, larger spans. Not realizing that we had limited depths for beams.
Air condition duct locations was not even designed yet
I had to construct a 3D object-based model in order to make quick changes and keep up with them.

Finally It was built successfully
I would add the finish pictures when I find it.

[Image: 79656743566466261726.jpg][/align[align=center]][Image: 18441234341625612576.jpg]
[Image: 32036412430049629922.jpg]
[Image: 91534493289036458628.jpg]
[Image: 61761577705157788674.jpg]
[Image: 87762730840956633504.jpg]
[Image: 16340227404407219584.jpg]
[Image: 20647975346033077535.jpg]

The uploaded file is almost ready for permit submission (21 pages) (8 Mb) in pdf format (pages are 24 x 36 inches)
It has details, notes, sections etc.

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Could you please upload design report as well, I looked at your drawings they are quite interesting, If you upload design report and your model then it will help us to study the design process and the design method under your guidance.
Please consider my request.

I have uploaded a complete set. Includes grade beam, beam, slab design notes. Also related details.
When you review them, please let me know
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