Strength of Embedded Steel Sections as Brackets - Alan H. Mattock and G. H. Gaafar
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Strength of Embedded Steel Sections as Brackets - Alan H. Mattock and G. H. Gaafar
Strength of Embedded Steel Sections as Brackets

Document Name: JL79-09
Author(s): Alan H. Mattock and G. H. Gaafar
Publication: Journal Proceedings
Volume: 79
Issue: 2
Pages: 83-93
Keywords: bearing capacity; brackets; columns (supports): compressive strength; construction; corbels; loads (forces); precast concrete; reinforced concrete; reinforcing steels; strength analysis.
Date: March 1, 1982


Reports an analytical and experimental study of the strength of steel sections embedded in a reinforced concrete column as brackets. The bearig stress at failure in the concrete below the embedded section is related to the concrete compressive strength and the ratio of the width of the embedded section to the width of the column. Expressions are developed for the vertical load carried by the embedded section and for the maximum moment in the embedded section when the concrete below the embedded sections fails in bearing. These expressions are shown to be in good agreement with the test results reported in the paper and with other test data in the literature. It is shown that the effective width of an embedded rolled steel l-section of normal proportions is equal to its flange width.

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