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[In Progress] Button for Link is Active
Dear Administrator,

Since we have lot's of postings with links that are difficult to judge if the older links in the THREAD are still valid I have the following suggestion:

Would it be possible to implement a buttom which a member will press when the link has been tested and is known to still be working?

Once pressed the date the link was used will appeared next to the link (this date will be updated as users press the button).  I suggest a single button combining both expressions THANK YOU/LINK TESTED however this button should be separate from the THANK YOU button which should remain in place.

Sorry, if my suggestion is too difficult to implement or most of you judged unusefull.

One problem I can see with my suggestion is that I pressume too many members don't even bother pressing the THANK YOU button when they use a link so least will they bother pressing this new button, I have called THANY YOU/LINK TESTED, to tell everyone that the link is still valid, hopefully I am wrong in my pressumption.

Anyway, it is a just suggestion.
Yours truly, gulilero
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Some time ago, Admin spoke about this and I think this feature is a liitle difficult to be realized and maybe it takes a lot of money and time for developers.
Moreover checking alive/dead links is improbable because most of download links are available 30 days. Most of links are from sharing sites free, with no premium account. So free sharing files sites keep the files alive for 30 days or less. In this way maybe is unnecessarly to create a feature like this which cost forum a lot of time and money.
Always do what you are afraid to do...
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thanks for your suggestion,
This is one of my concern too, about one month ago, I define a proposal to add new feature to forum for check links automatically, we assigned this work to one of our developer team, he worked on it and after 3 weeks a plug-n was prepared but when we test it we found that this plug-in not works fine. then we found that this is MYBB core problem. thus this project was stopped.
this plug-in checked all links in page simulately. but w want to check all links in a single post only.
anyway, we are working to do some change on MYBB core files to modify it but I`m not sure if it is possible.
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It would be nice to have all the links alive , all the time. But is it really necessary.?
Also most of sharing sites have Captcha. ( I think it is hard to bypass that)
Instead, I think we can have a thread to report the dead links.
So, everything is going to be at one place. and I think it makes Moderator's job little easier (may be). They know better.
As long as in a thread/post at least one link is alive everything is ok. Reported post as "DEAD LINKS" is considered as spam. When a link doesn't work for a user due to country policy and internet connection rather ask for mirror links and someone will make mirror links to that material.
Anyway moderators often ediit threads/posts and report dead links.
I don't think that a section in which dead links are reported will solve all the problems with uploaded materials.
My opinion,
Always do what you are afraid to do...
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