Posting Portable Software Versions
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[SUGGESTION] Posting Portable Software Versions
For all who are posting "Portable Versions", could you please mention the software used for making it portable, for example:

"Made portable with VMWare",
"Made portable with Spoon Studio",
"Made portable with PortableAppZ", etc.  

The reason here is that for example, on some LAN networks (like mine), anything made using "VMWare" will not run due to strict proactive defense from the virus protection system, which is group policy outside my control.  On the other hand, portables made with either "Spoon Studio" and "PortableAppZ" will run just fine.  So I would like to know before wasting my time downloading anything made using "VMWare".  

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I think portable applications are becoming more and more desirable on Ipad, Android or on laptops
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