The number 10 in Civil Engineering
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[Problem] The number 10 in Civil Engineering
Dear members,

can someone share an idea in regards to the number 10 in civil/ structural engineering. I have a task to make an educational/proffessional poster - the topic is number 10.

Any idea or interesting fact are welcome!

I was thinking on X bracing (Roman numeral is X), X cracking in walls due to earthquake, magnitude 10 on the Richter scale, crossroad X,...

Thanks in advance.

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Interesting. You can think of "DON'T" in civil/structural eingineering as well. "X" denotes dont do.

I mean Do's and Don't.


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Not only is the cracks path on the shear walls, but the isolines in pure tension of a prismatic body. X is also a detail for butt-welding thick plates. X, creating a union between points of a rectangle, denotes its geometric centre, or centre of mass if it is homogeneous.. In hydraulics, it is used to denote a valve. It is the double of V (roman)! Combining 2 V's we get X (><).

10 is the number of Arabic Digits, origin of contemporaneus mathmatics and the metric system. Ten is a common base to describe great numbers and the most common base for logarithmic operations after the Neplers number "e".
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Dear Grunf,

How about the X for the coupling beams for walls.

[Image: 47790460799622733055_thumb.gif]

[Image: 56126831718101633302_thumb.jpg]
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some ideas:

railroad switch
[Image: 300px-Double_slip_at_Munich_central.jpg]

bridge lateral wind-bracing
[Image: 200640TS.jpg]

[Image: 800px-Ponte_estaiada_Octavio_Frias_-_Sao_Paulo.jpg]

the construction worker and engineer
[Image: 10finger.jpg]

Engineering - the Art of Neglection
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