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[How To] Print a set of threads
These last days I have been reading the threads corresponding to one search (the usage of one program, SAP 2000, in my case). I think it would be a nice and very useful feature to be able to print (normally we would do as pdf or some electronic document format) the whole set of threads related to one of such inquires. This way everyone can make-up the most of the site by producing search related content, easily locatable.

Of course the thing can be made manually by now printing each of the threads and then combining them, but I think the feature would be very useful by reducing such manual work.

I understand the feature is immediate and up to date (without any printout) through the search within the site, but having every set of threads readily printed in some electronic document can be both useful both for reading anywhere (even without internet) and attractive for people looking for information. It can also eventually serve to make the documents less eye straining for people that find black or white backgrounds tiring.

Thank you for your attention and keep the good work.
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Dear Grunf,
The View Printable Version works well. But when you have a thread that goes on and on to 2 and 3 pages, We currently have no other choice than print individual pages and combine the out puts. It would be best if a single click at the view printable version could show the whole posts in a thread continuously so that a single print (Print to PDF) order could do the job and the user is not forced to do the print and combine the PDFs routine.


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In user CP --> Edit Options --> find Thread View Options box and change the Posts Per Page option to e.g. Show 40 posts per page. This way you'll be able to print the whole thread in single click. Note that only few topics have more than 40 posts. (I believe Problem topics are of the interest to be printed)

With regards,
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