Impact of Foundation Modeling on the Accuracy of RH Analysis of a Tall Building
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Impact of Foundation Modeling on the Accuracy of RH Analysis of a Tall Building
Impact of Foundation Modeling on the Accuracy of RH Analysis of a Tall Building

Author: Farzad Naeim et al. | Size: 3.10 MB | Format: PDF | Quality: Unspecified | Year: 2008 | pages: 38

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Soil-structure interaction can affect the response of buildings with subterranean levels by modifying the characteristics of input motions relative to those in the free-field and through the added system compliance associated with relative foundation/free-field translation and rocking. While procedures are available to account for these effects, they are seldom utilized in engineering practice.
Two approximations commonly used in practice are shown to provide poor results: (1) fixing the structure at ground line with input consisting of free-field translation and (2) modeling subterranean soil layers using a series of horizontal springs which are fixed at their far ends and subjected to free-field ground accelerations.

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