[ASCE] Properties of Asphalt Concrete Layer Interfaces
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[ASCE] Properties of Asphalt Concrete Layer Interfaces
Properties of Asphalt Concrete Layer Interfaces

Author: Mariana R. Kruntcheva, Andrew C. Collop, and Nicholas H. Thom | Size: - MB | Format: PDF | Quality: Original preprint | Publisher: ASCE - Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering | Year: 2006 | pages: 5 | ISBN: -

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This note outlines the experimental investigation of the factors affecting bond development between pavement layers. The tests involved the use of an apparatus known as the Nottingham shear box. To establish a realistic stress distribution at the interface, which would facilitate the analysis of the test results, finite element models of bonded and weakly bonded specimens were developed. It was concluded that care must be taken when interpreting test results from the shear box experiments. Several materials and four interface conditions were investigated. Bond stiffness and strength were assessed under repeated dynamic and monotonic static test conditions. The analysis of the experimental results showed that the interface properties depend more seriously on the type of materials in contact, rather than on the amount of the applied tack coat and the interface condition. It was suggested that the interface bond should be described by introducing a vertical shear reaction modulus, as well as using the horizontal shear reaction modulus.

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