[Problem] Library.nu is shutting down
Hi every body
I am so sad to say library.nu is shutting down
after shutting down of megauoload is now library.nu have been shutting down

all account of library.nu have been deleted by admin
you cant logon
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we lose great resource

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Oh Ghost.. what happen.
yes, you are right, now, it redirect us to google booksDisappointment
Megaupload, filesonic library.nu and many more have been shutting down ..Angry
Looks like they force us to use torrentFrustrated
An Engineer must have a SIX sense
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  • jonev
No use of TORRENT WEBSITES... they are also shutting them down
btjunkie.org has also been SHUT DOWN which was a torrent site...
this is a ALARMING CONDITION when every file sharing method is about to end... ='(
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I can't believe it. Now I'm worried for CEA.
Knowledge should be free, and some books are overpriced.
Question science
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