Protect our Children
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Protect our Children

Today I found myself deleting an old post where one of our great user reported member having avatar showing child as from mother born. The avatar was removed and user was guided.

Our children are our most valuable asset. They represent the bright future of ours and hold our hopes for a better nation. Our children are the most vulnerable members of society. I know some of you are putting the pictures of your children to be your avatar because you love them and you'd like to world see the treasure you have, but not every man in this world shares the same opinion as you do. Protect your children and don't share their picture in public.

Please don't let yours and ours children photographs get into the hands of dangerous child sexual predators or computer-sex offenders.

If you have at this moment your avatar showing picture of a child, please change it into something showing e.g. brick, house, bridge, cartoon character, etc.

If you saw a member of CivilEA having child photograph as avatar, please make a report to us and we'll do our best to guide or warn this member and to remove this photograph by any means.

Sincerely yours,
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