Your suggestions on forum improvements
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Your suggestions on forum improvements
Dear CivilEA members,

We'd like to hear your suggestions on how to make even better place. Feel free to tell us anything you think it would be useful to improve forum. It is very important for us to know your request or suggestions....

Suggestions can include:
new features,
new abilities,
new colors,
new ...

If you think it would be a good idea to open weblog for civilea or you think it is good to open virtual library for civilea .... tell us here

Feel free to tell us any suggestion no matter on how impossible it seems to be.

Here are two suggestions written by our two great users:

Suggestion #1:
Quote:To improve thread quality in VIP section, I have a suggestion, How if regular user (not VIP) can share their private files in VIP section, maybe moderator can become a mediator to move each post in VIP section and then this user will get more point.
Maybe, by this way, VIP section become "real VIP"...

Suggestion #2:
Quote:i believe put a post... or a banner... or a link (like INSTALL_CIVILEA_TOOLBAR)... to inform users... if they want to share some RARE_STUFF in VIP section (which they are not allowed to access)... they can share it with moderator in PM.... and moderator will put them on to VIP section.... and the user will be given 50 times (or 100 or so) of the posting points

the best way (i mean easiest way) for this donating points would be the moderator who post that material (received in PM by user)... that moderator can donate points from his points... points for moderators are immaterial... and i think they can be recharged by admin as and if required... (or admin can do that by himself)

We are happy to hear your suggestions and ideas, no matter how impossible they seams to be

Kind regards,
Forum team

(I quoted suggestions anonymous, but if the users wrote those quotes wants me to add their user names along them, please contact me)
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