Awaiting Activation Members
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Awaiting Activation Members
Dear Admin,

Yesterday I saw one member posting unappropriated two threads with the same content. I thought that he did not use the real e-mail for signing up. I also doubt that why members did not activate account. Do they use fake e-mail? or, they don't want to be our forum member permanently.

My suggestion is: Don't allow "Awaiting Activation Members" posting.

At least spammer cannot do their job because almost of them don't use real e-mail. Sometime, they "Awaiting Activation Members" just posted asking popular question such as "I need crack too." even though it's also mentioned in the previous post. One question and go.

Best Regards.
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awaiting activation member up to yesterday only could view topic & not allow posting or download attachments, from yesterday they can`t view topics too, thus only registered members that active their account by email can view & posting.
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