Buy Forum Access or Username/Usertitle with Points
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Buy Forum Access or Username/Usertitle with Points

We added new feature to forum that you can buy forum access (Be a subscriber of CivilEA) with your points. Also you can change your username or select desire user title (that will be show below your username in each post) by paying your points.
This is very good and exciting news that abet users to have more activity in forum.
Also you can donate your points to other users to abet them for activity.

for use this ability go to this page:

then from sidebar select your desire section and follow ....

[Image: 06111809553568898941.png]

[Image: 91842008220795116403.png]
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I explain more about this feature,
first I answer some questions that you ask me in PM:

1)Q: Does it mean access to forum?
A: yes, users that buy subscription via points can have access forum (as registered and activated users) for specified time.

2) Is subscription addressed to new users or all users?
A: To all users, except VIPs. because donators title is not permanent and will be expire after specified time (0.5 or 1 or 1.5 or more year, base on amount of donation) and after this time, users back to the group that was belong it before donation, for example I`m a user in awaiting activation group, I donate Civilea, 10$ thus I`ll upgraded to Donors group for 1-year. after 1 year I will back to "Awaiting Activation" group and need to renew my group by "Paypal" or by "donation". by this method we abet users to active more to receive more points.

3) What is the alternative to points? Is it donating money?
A: No, this is not donate us directly, it donate us by your activity. This is a alternative method for users that have good activity here. this method have not any finance benefit for us.

4) What happens to user accounts that don't subscribe? Will those accounts be deleted?
A: No, we do not delete any account, this is arbitrary. users can join subscriber group for more ability like more PM box, ....

5) When will the subscription system start?
A: This plan started from last night, Generally.
when a user buy new plan, time will be calculate from that moment.

6) If I am a VIP user, do I have to subscribe?

A: No there is no need, if you are VIP, and this group is higher than any other group, you can donate points to other users that have good activity here to abet them, or you can spend your point to buy new username (if you want) or buy your favorite "user title".
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