Re-Start Civilea Virtual Workshop
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[SUGGESTION] Re-Start Civilea Virtual Workshop
Dear Admin,

I would like to request you to Re-Start Civilea Virtual Workshop. I know we did not made a sincere effort last time but i hope this time we can do some good work together.

I hope you will consider this.

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I agree also
I think that will be better if we chose an Reinforced Concrete structures for project.
Maybe it will be much more interesting
I don't know if it is done before ( Wirtual workshop of An Reinforced Concrete Structures in internet).


United States of Albania
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This workshop need spend a lot of time on it that we have not free time to spend on it, any way users can create a team and select a leader then we can start it. but need a lot of work by you.
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Totally Agree with you admin....

I am interested in original project posted by Admin, so i am all up for it, so if anyone wants to do the project together you can contact me anytime.

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