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Template V3.1 Now Released !
Current time: 10-26-2021, 10:52 PM
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Template V3.1 Now Released !
Hello All;

At the 3rd birthday of civilea new template of site is released for all user. This template was released for moderators about 2 month ago and during this time we fixed a lot of codes from it. now we have another nice and smooth appearance of website.
new template use latest technology that dreamy improve speed.
before scrutiny moderators, I and our assistant team worked on this template more than 3 month.
This is our gift for you!

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  • kvtasp, mybest, Dell_Brett, hamzeaziz, ynopum, Petrit, usman, malc, Jackass, jacs127, miquan, melkat, ska51, LiviuM, odiclas, hmwere, 3fan
Dear Admin,

I am violating our Rules in this PLEASANT OCCASION, please sorry..

I want to give my happiness through words that I am giving Very Very Thanks to ADMIN and all of Our Moderators for keeping our forum in a top position.
Also Very Thanks for the New Appearance of Our Great CivilEA.It looks AWESOME & AMAZING.

My Best Regards to all
Use all Software's or Books shared in our Forum for EVALUATION Purpose,If you like to use these materials for Commercial Purpose ,It is Strictly suggested to Buy for Supporting the Developers.
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I want to all user tell us about new template, your suggestions, report us about your speed in loading pages and ...
Give us your points, we need it.

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  • kvtasp, Grunf
Are you agree with new template?
For me, this new template is beautiful, but it's too wide. Make me tired when we read a long description because my head should turn left and right.
My suggestion is(if possible), put user info(User ID, Posts, Thread etc) below avatar and text(description of thread at the right side).
An Engineer must have a SIX sense
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  • faros3000, Administrator
I find very "agressive" to the eyes the full contrast of the (almost) bright white text over a very dark grey base of this template. As for me, a bit lighter grey like the one you used to use in the old template is better, along with text not this white but a bit greyer...

Best regards,
Information is not knowledge.
Albert Einstein
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  • Administrator , mybest, onest30
Thank you we will consider to this, surely
Agree with the user, white text over black background is a little aggressive.
Probably it'll be usefull to give us the opportunity to select by a simple icon the background color (black or dark gray and white).

Best regards.
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  • Administrator
Dear Admin,

Thanks for the change in the template. For me, a change in the look of something is something to be appreciated. If we change from an old dress to a new and better one we feel somewhat great! We feel greater if it's a web site because we used to look at it almost everyday especially if it's your favorite website like Civilea.com.

For me, I would feel somewhat relaxed if the background is lighter or nearer to white. A wider website is OK as most of the monitors now are wider than before, we have to make use of the extra space available. However, I think it is better if we could make the sentences not fill the whole screen so that we will not tire our eyes looking to the left & rigth every now and then. We can divide the screen, say, to 2 or 3 columns, in that way more informations will also be accomodated, not empty spaces. I just hope that my inputs are constructive.

On the overall, I am still for the change particularly for the new look.

My profound congratulations to Admin and the other staff responsible for the change.

with my best regards,
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  • chicosi, Fem.Ing, Administrator
In addition to ssi3k, I think it'll be great to distinguish the field user, message and thanks with different colours. Now I find a gray colour for the field "thanks", in the following post I find again the gray with a darker gray for the field "user" and than the same two colors for the post itself, and so on.
For me I find difficult to distinguish easily one post to another.
This is an example of what I think is a good theme, not very stylish but quite good:
Content of this section is hidden, You must be registered and activate your account to see this content. See this link to read how you can remove this limitation:


Even a 3 columns solution could be interesting. An example it could be:
1st column: user info
2nd column: post text
3rd column: thanks or other.

Anyway a great thanks to civilea!

[-] The following 2 users say Thank You to Fem.Ing for this post:
  • Administrator , Dell_Brett

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