Missing Some Data of CivilEA
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Missing Some Data of CivilEA

During our last update in forum, unfortunately we missed some user information. "User Avatars" and "user awards" are missing information.
I`m very sorry for this issue.
we can restore these data from our backup but it needs to be closed site and also need we accept high risk to destroy other information.

I think it is better to not restore data.
I request you to re-upload or re-select your avatar, and if you have not your avatar post here and I`ll give your avatar from our backup.
and about awards, we try to give old medals users.

I`m very sorry for this issue.

please reupload your avatar again and if need post here to give you, your old avatar. also I request you, do not use tinypic or imagehack for uploading your avatars.
Avatar and award are minor information. User login information, thread & post and material links are far more important. Admin, you made right move by not risking further.
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Dear Admin,

Greetings to you and other respected members here.

My point of view is that we are not working for medals and awards, rather we are voluntarily working here to help others and at the same time, taking help from others. So, you are in the right position by taking no risk as almost all the information regarding threads, links etc. except some minor (avatar and awards or medals etc.) are okay.

"Downstream is Weaker"
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MohsenG, I get this error when trying to upload the old avatar:

Content of this section is hidden, You must be registered and activate your account to see this content. See this link to read how you can remove this limitation:


BUT the avatar I am trying to put is the old one. This could mean that the specification for avatar size has changed and the avatars bigger that 150x150 are just not displayed. Some user avatars are displayed probably because they are less than 150x150. Try to increase the size of the pictures to how it was, maybe the old/ current avatars will be displayed again.

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The specifications for avatars were changed long time ago, but it was effective on only new uploads and was not effective on existing avatars

Now all avatars come under same limitation/size criteria
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Dear Admin,
thanks for your great effort to keep our forum in the top
we lost some things during updating the forum for example ( thread rating ) & ( medals ) & ( the teeter tap ) which was showing the recent threads and posts , it replaced by (filesonic ) advertisement ,
but I think it isn't a big loss against the great effort which the all of us feel it
thank you again
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Thanks for your nice text, I`m very happy when see your text.

1- We put some limitation on avatar size due to optimize loading page. this is not new.
2- Thread Rating is not part of our missing data we delete this feature because is not useful thus we delete it to save our speed.
3- recent thread is exist but in footer. advertisement and recent thread are separated matter.
4- we are in very stable condition, please wait to see major changes especially in performance very soon! (CivilEA Birthday is near? Grin)
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