Must Use PostGen To post new thread
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Must Use PostGen To post new thread

From this time any post that not generate by our post generator will be deleted.
for open new thread for publish new book, software, ... you must use our post generator.

your post must have screenshot, short explanation, & links that checked by you is alive.

any user that not follow this rule first will be warn by our moderator & after repeat will be ban from IP.

our post generator link available from our header, we strongly recommended you upload photo, cover, screenshot, ... in our image host you can upload any picture in our host from your computer or by remote upload (from other server).

our forum is growing more & more, for example our visitor change about +920% in last 3 month (according to alexa report) & about 200% in last two weeks. then it is har for us & moderator edit all thread...

we need your assist for having safe & good place for sharing our engineering knowledges.
Dear Admin,

This apply to every post? request, tips, problems, videos, etc?

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no, only apply for present new book, software, ...
not any post like text post.
Dear Admin

I am trying to post new software using the post generator, however I could not understand what is the meaning of the last statement saying:

" Click on generate so the final code appear, then copy & past this code to reply box...


Which reply box ?

I am expecting that the posting is done after I click on Generate. Please advice.

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Dear beta,

Refer to post:

Content of this section is hidden, You must be registered and activate your account to see this content. See this link to read how you can remove this limitation:

Hope it´s a help!

Dell Brett
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What about if you are replying only and not creating a new thread or request?
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If your reply is content of a sentence or paragraph only..I think no need to use post gen, but if your reply will content a download link and images,Its better to used the post gen because it will automatic make a formatted code to avoid transparent link and the photos will upload from civilea image host and most of all if you used Post gen it is more presentable.
The number one Engineering forum!!
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Dear admin
i am having an issue that i cannot resolve.
of recent ( a weeks ago ) all the pictures in the website started to displayed as links , i.e [Image:]
is there anyway to rectify this issue ?
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