"Think Green" Presentation
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"Think Green" Presentation
Lately, we have decided to work on the topic “ Go Green “ , Or “ Thinking Green “ – Since it’s the main problem people should recognize, acknowledge and pay attention to, not for them only but also for their upcoming generation.
Points and notes I would like to share about my presentation:
-) Defining the term “ Thinking Green ”.
-) Why should I Go Green; this part will cover disadvantages of not going green.
-) How can I Think Green.
-) What are examples of “ Thinking Green “ – In this section, my focus will deviate towards Green Building, bringing some samples of “ Jotun paints “ since it’s environmentally friendly and widely used in modern countries.

My ideas would be supported by pictures and illustrations, which are simple, transferring as many words into pictures.
What I’m looking for are ideas I could work on, and points of weakness to strengthen them to present a well-informed presentation and this can be done by the knowledge and help “ Civilea Engineer’s “ have.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks again,

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