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Problem New Section
Dear Admin. I have a suggestion.
  • Now, we have a Problem section which member could post their problem in Civil Engineering. But I found that this section is not fully operate its function. There are many threads which have 0 reply Or unsolved problem Or maybe solve problem and then dump in the deepest of other thread and maybe other user have same problem then post the same thread with different name. So I suggest to build a new Problem section(subsection) with a some specific topic. Maybe look like this
    Structural Analysis
    Reinforced Concrete Analysis and Design
    Steel Structure Analysis and Design
    Bridge Design
    With this new section, all of same topic problem can collected only in one thread. Any member who can solve problem can discuss more dynamic. This could be a reference to me to enlarge my knowledge with this topic.
  • I would love if you create a new section of Software Problem. Not about installation or cracking problem but about scientific problem like modelling of Structure.
    maybe it would be like This
    Csi Problem
    Bentley Problem
    etc like in software section
  • As I see in Introduce section, there are few of member put their interest in Programming like Visual basic(me too, but actually just start learning), Matlab etc. I would love if you want to create this new section.

Thank you so much. Sorry for this disturb suggestion and sorry for my really bad English.
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Dear riani151207,

Thanks for the reply.
I have to say that I like your suggestion, especially the one about subsections for Engineering Problems, but it would be an additional load on moderators time and 'mouse'. If you look the list of Forum Team, you'll find there only 7 moderators (and not all of us active in all forum sections). Again, if you look into Problems section, you'll find there 1603 threads - read, you'll find 1603 open-check-move clicks for moderators.

Each and every one of us (moderators) works more than 8hrs per day on this forum to keep it clean of spam, organized and concise. When we solve some other problems regarding cleaning some big sections of the forum (like the request and bad posts sections are) and when we find one or few members willing and good enough to moderate some sections, then we'll take your suggestions into observation. For now and from my perspective your suggestion will need to wait.

Again, section about Modelling could be interesting, but we need to hear other moderators and admin's oppinion on this matter. The section could be named like 'Notes and Discussions on Structural Modelling'

With regards,

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I would also like to add a note here..which i have experienced my self that sometimes me or other members post about some specific problem in a software or a scientific problem..and no one answers to abiding by the rules of the forum we cannot reply to our own post so that it doesnt fade away..( i myself have got warnings on only this issue..) so why not make a new section..could be named as UN SOLVED PROBLEMS...and if no one replies to that post its automatically archived to that that once if any member finds some time..he can have a look to the unsolved issues..and reply them..and then they automatically moves to the SOLVED problem section or the sections as RIANI suggested..?
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coolestbliss, you understood it wrong - you CAN make a reply on your post to boost your thread but in the month (or so) from the last reply. It is not fair to make replies from day to day (or from hour to hour) like:

Quote:no one got a solution
Quote:please help
Quote:help help help

This is spamming. And people (moderators included) don't like to read that kind of posts from day to day - it is strenuous and boring. If no one helps you today or tumorrow, obviously no one knows the solution to your problem or no one is willing to make a reply (some people find some problems trivial or not interesting), and if no one helps you in a week or so, maybe you'll find the solution on your own. It is sad that no one or just few members gives the solutions to their own problems, if they solve their problemes on their own (I mostly write the solution to my problem if I found one, I write my solution whether it is good or bad in hope someone will make a reply to it) Again, it is sad that some people are afraid make discussions because they are afraid being laughed or they are afraid they are saying something wrong - we all are anonymous and we all should make conversations and discussions no matter on experience - no one knows who you are (or maybe 1% of forum members knows who you are, but they are your friends and they won't laugh about you.

I know members mostly don't care about the points (making point donations to each other) - but based on the points in your profile we (forum team) decide whether someone will be VIP or even moderator - I'm saying this because I'm sharing points for good discussions, good questions, etc. so people, please make discussions and share your thoughts and experience - by doing this you can get to VIP zone and by this you'll have lots of good and rare stuff to download. Our Admin said that we need to boost our Problems section, so boost it with your replies.

Again - 80% of the posted problems are unsolved, so why to move all of those in some new section? Let them all be in just one section. Only my opinion...

With regards,
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(10-23-2011, 04:58 PM)Grunf Wrote: Again, if you look into Problems section, you'll find there 1603 threads - read, you'll find 1603 open-check-move clicks for moderators.

From start when I try to post this suggestion, I just think to create a new section. Start from zero. Every new problem with specific category for example structural analysis, post in the right section, so I and other member can read step by step problem and solution. Let the previous problems safe in its previous place.
If its hard to create a new section,maybe its better if we only have a "sticky threads". A Thread Starter will update in page 1 about problem and solution to specific link contain in threads.
yeah, I know it's hard, especially to moderators.
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We had similar task/job to do two years ago. We had just one E-Book section and then we opened other sections you can see today. Then a problem occured - users were able to post in differenet sections: in old E-Book section (general section) and in the new ones just opened. We had to close the old E-Book section with all the books posted in it, because it was hard to move new threads to the corresponding sections. After we closed old section, dead links occured and people haven't been able to report dead links and to ask for mirrors, so we needed to clean the old section as soon as posible... etc. etc. you get the point.

So as conclusion, it is not good to open new section and/ or to close the old one - that way people would have alternative for posting, people would whether make duplicate threads or wouldn't be able to make a reply to the threads in old section... Hope you understand.

With regards,
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