My first published book on WR Engineering
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My first published book on WR Engineering
Dear all respected members of CivilEA family,

Warm greetings to all the [email protected] from ska51!!!!!

I would like to let you all know that my first ever book has been published based on one of my research works. A German publisher published this book, who publish the research works in the form of books/monograph etc., if the work comply with all the criteria set by them as well as if it has a market value.

I thought that I should share this news with all of you. You guys helped me a lot directly and indirectly. Also, I found lots of inspirations and encouragements from different friends in this forum. Also, I recall and remember your supports thorough this family (as I believe in this word). I hope our forum will live forever and will supports us.

Please follow the link below in Amazon for the book title:
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Here you will get the information about the book and me.

I am very sorry, if this message may make any inconveniences to you. Thanks in advance to everybody for having your valuable time and patience.

Best Regards
"Downstream is Weaker"
I am on duty and proud to congratulate you on this achievement and merit!
This information not only fills us with pride for you as always encourages us to make this forum better!
Congratulations and much success in your personal and professional life!

My best wishes!

Dell Brett and CivilEA family!
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Dear Friends,

Its my great pleasure to let you all know that some of the copies of my published books have been sold and the publisher informed me.

I am really happy to know the news. I acknowledge your support and cooperation always.

Best of luck

"Downstream is Weaker"
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Congratulations !

I hope you remember we don't like to buy books and if someone will post your book here we won't receive a complaint about the copyright (this is only a joke).

You are in a very nice place (M) according to my wife (she's back home 10 days ago from there).

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I'm very happy, not only for ska51 Book Edition
but also for BennyP ( joking ) Wink
(this is only a joke)
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