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[Problem] contains content from
Sometimes I get a warning in Chrome when visiting this site. The page even redirected me to another site after I chose to "proceed anyway". I don't think the problem is on my computer, but I could be wrong.

This is also probably the wrong place to post this error.

Advice? please let me know.

[Image: 08197806798642180943.png]
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Make a search (using google) for the string "something's not right here"
You will find a few millions (more than 25 million searching for the last year) results about this problem of Chrome browser and every time the warning is for another site. You will find almost the same number of answers but i'm not sure those answers will help you.
Try to use another browser and you will feel better. I never used Chrome but if every site contains malware for it i'm sure is not the best solution to use when better browsers exist.
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