Silica from rice husk ash
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[Request] Silica from rice husk ash

I have a question about a topic of research I'm doing.
I'm getting silica of rice husks and other wastes as well in my country, but I need to investigate the procedures used to achieve a standard silica from the ash.
I want to get technical information about similar work performed before, some tips, and whatever that can help to make my work, at the forum I found a very useful book, about waste and concrete. I thanks a lot in advance for any useful information, greetings.

Dear fastixo,


I hope the book in the following thread will certainly help you in this regard. You will find lots of information about rice husk and its potential use and its alternative use technology as well from this book. Although, I didn't go through the whole book carefully, I expect that you will get the idea you are looking for your research.

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I don't know whether you mentioned about this book or not in your writings.

"Downstream is Weaker"
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