lateral deflection in concrete structures
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[Request] lateral deflection in concrete structures
Can anyone tell me the limiting value for horizontal deflection in concrete structures along with reference of UBC or aci??
i remember it to be about height of column/200 but i cant locate the reference. can anyone guide me?

Rohail Iyaz
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Look into ASCE-07. You should search the issue of lateral drift.
Yours truly, gulilero
Dear rohailiyaz,

Lateral deflection/ sway of building usually governed by lateral forces, i.e. seismic, wind or others...code puts different limits the lateral sway against different force agents.

For Wind, you will find H/ 300 upto H/500, whereas, H = Building Height (no code references i remember but different handbook use these limits, check handbook you will get the code references easily), ranges of denominator from 300 to 500 depends upon the building height and strutural stability of p-delta effect, for higher structures, use higher denominator value and vice versa.

For Seismic, ACI & UBC limis the inter-story drift against building time period and defined a limit if times period is either less then 0.7 or greater then 0.7, it less then 0.7, it limits 0.0025*H if building time period is greater then 0.7, it limits 0.002*H where you can use full building height instead of story height and this you can easily find in UBC chapet 16.

I hope it will help you.

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