Interesting in Bridge Design
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Interesting in Bridge Design
First of all, dear all Protectors & Moderators with respect, honestly I don't know where I should put this request of example of calculation.
We have forum to request book, journal etc but as far I know no forum to request example of calculation, there only forum for "Calculation Notes & Analysis Files" it contains shared docs & there no request in it, then I decide to place it here.
If I wrong place this message please kindly moved it to correct forum, thank you very much.

OK, I start interesting in bridge design & already read some books/sources
I conclude ( after read those materials ) that we can model the bridge with simple way:
*) girder modeled as beam
*) bent/pier modeled as column
BUT, the materials I read not detail.
Please somebody kindly share document ( for simple RC Bridge: abutment at both ends + pier/bent & girder ) containing following process:
1] modeling process ( step by step ) in sap2000 ( any version ) including modeling girder ( as beam ) & bent/pier ( as column ), apply moving load based on AASHTO & input all important parameter in this modeling.
2] checking process, after run the sap model what checking I should do to know this bridge is okay & fulfill all requirements in AASHTO
3] reinforcing process, how I use the sap concrete design output for bent/pier flexure/shear reinforcing
Please somebody help me.
Thank You
With Respect


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