Civil Engineer Book in epub format
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[Request] Civil Engineer Book in epub format
Dear members,

I'm looking for the civil engineering books (same in our forum) with epub format. Help please!

I try using many software (including Calibre) convert PDF books to epub, but after conversion the layout is almost different. The text under the figure are locate at different place. The figure and table locations are different from PDF book too. The result after conversion, the books become bad.

Any idea?

With regards,

Why you'd need to convert it? Use them directly in the PDF format as they are.
If you want to use them on some mobile phone that can't read PDF format, then you can convert the PDF pages to raster images (GIF, PNG, TIF, JPG), an then use the images on the phone.
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Dear Mr. ynopum,

Of course I can load PDF directly to iOS device. However PDF could not handle metadata (Author's name, pub date....) and difficult to read in small screen (3.5"). In addition for epub format, we could highlight the text, use dictionary, Note, enlarge the font size, change the font. epub is useful specially for the 3.5" iPhone's screen.

Best regards,

Epub doesnt handle graphics, tables and it locations very well. Forget how to convert manuals to epubs, unless it full scanning [converted as full pics] or novel like [no graphics].
use pdf instead.

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