Reinforcement and its modulus of elasticity
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Reinforcement and its modulus of elasticity
Just out of curiosity, can you tell me what value of Young's module of elasticity (E, or less commonly Y) do you associate to reinforcement marked as RA400/500 and which to one marked as B500B?
What value of E do you put in your calculations a/o softwares?


(Maybe not all of you heard or used RA400/500, so I'll just say that's an old class of reinforcement used in Croatia (maybe someplace else, I don't know), now we use B500 (or now B500 should be used, as far as I know)
Dear Grunf,

1. Sorry, never heard or used RA400/500.

2. I usually use ASTM A615 Grade 40/60 in ETABS, and you will find the value of E(for ASTM A615) from webcivil(American Codes):
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From ACI 318-08 Commentary R3.5.3.1:
"ASTM A615 covers deformed carbon-steel reinforcing bars that are currently the most widely used type of steel bar in reinforced concrete construction in the United States."

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RA 400/500 is (was) used in exYU countries. In Croatia it's no longer in use, because old codes (PBAB) are abandoned, and EC are currently used, as I'm sure you're aware of.

According to PBAB, modulus of elasticity for RA 400/500 is:

E=200000 N/mm2

This value according to EC2 and EN 10080 for B500B is the same:

Es = 200000 N/mm2.
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