A modal pushover analysis procedure to estimate seismic demands for unsymmetric-plan
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A modal pushover analysis procedure to estimate seismic demands for unsymmetric-plan
A modal pushover analysis procedure to estimate seismic demands for unsymmetric-plan buildings

Author: Anil K. Chopra and Rakesh K. Goel | Size: 576 KB | Format: PDF | Publisher: EARTHQUAKE ENGINEERING AND STRUCTURAL DYNAMICS | Year: 2004 | pages: 25

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Based on structural dynamics theory, the modal pushover analysis (MPA) procedure retains the conceptual simplicity of current procedures with invariant force distribution, now common in structural engineering practice. The MPA procedure for estimating seismic demands is extended to unsymmetric-plan buildings. In the MPA procedure, the seismic demand due to individual terms in the modal expansion of the effective earthquake forces is determined by non-linear static analysis using the inertia force distribution for each mode, which for unsymmetric buildings includes two lateral forces and torque at each floor level. These ‘modal’ demands due to the first few terms of the modal expansion are then combined by the CQC rule to obtain an estimate of the total seismic demand for inelastic systems. When applied to elastic systems, the MPA procedure is equivalent to standard response spectrum analysis (RSA). The MPA estimates of seismic demand for torsionally-stiff and torsionally-flexible unsymmetric systems are shown to be similarly accurate as they are for the symmetric building; however, the results deteriorate for a torsionally-similarly-stiff unsymmetric-plan system and the ground motion considered because (a) elastic modes are strongly coupled, and (b) roof displacement is underestimated by the CQC modal combination rule (which would also limit accuracy of RSA for linearly elastic systems).
KEY WORDS: modal pushover analysis; unsymmetric-plan building; seismic demands

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