Softwares are not sorted by fields!
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Softwares are not sorted by fields!
Dear Admin,

Thank you and your team for your endless efforts to make the CiviLEA alive. One of the ideas that would enhance our site, I think, is sorting the softwares by different fields (e.g. Strutural, Geotechnic, etc.). This kind of sorting would help the users as below:

1) review the new softwares easily.
2) find the required software easily

It should be noted that in current sorting, all the softwares (e.g. Geotechnical softwares) are not treated as structural engineering softwares. In other words, most of the softwares are categorized as "Other Civil Eng. Softwares" that would takes much time to check the new favorite softwares.

Please make this request happen if you think that it would enhance our site.


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Thanks for your participation and good suggestion, hrezaei.
It´s interesting and useful and should be considered! I believe that is ideal to the "Other Civil Eng. Software" section.

The existing sub-sections:
- Autodesk Products
- Csi Products
- Bentley Products
- Non Engineering Software (Hummm...???)
- TEKLA Products
- CSC Products
You may agree that is well divided and works fine.

Just one detail do think about: -We have a lot of problems nowadays with members that post in wrong section. I my point of view, excessive numbers of sections, sub-sections, etc. could be more confusing than productive.
Don´t think that I´m talking that your idea ins´t good! Only one opposed to being considered, to avoid an excessive subdivision if all agree with your good Idea.


Dell Brett
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