About making multiple links
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About making multiple links
Dear all,

An idea to try to improve this forum efficiency:

It's common lately have a lot of posts requesting another sharing site, caused by servers restrictions, censorship in some countries, etc.

I'd like to know if the example above is useful and viable in any country/user and try to practice this. Beyond this reason, using a dedicate multi-site to share, force the user to download the file and upload it again. Of course, naturally will be verified if the link is OK and if the software/book/material is OK too!
I know there's a lot of posts that you copy/paste a link from another site. It's OK! But we can start with new ones.

Another important think: Sometimes is useful CHANGE THE NAME of the file to upload, cause some companies uses a search engine inside share-sides to try to find illegal (pirate) software. So. changing the name, double compressing (with keyword) and changing the size (putting a extra file during compressing), it's possible to turn better the possibilities that the file does not be removed!


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