Suggestion: Why not make a group???
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Suggestion: Why not make a group???
I want to suggest that why we can have CIVILEA group on "LinkedIn" ???
I didnt find the link there thats why I asked ....

Thats my humble opinion if you like.. Happy
Thanks & Regards,
I'm for NO, sorry.
We have too much work here. It's only 7 of us making this forum works and even now there is only 3-4 of us per day with you to clean and protect the forum - a lot of work.

One more group to lead - I don't think so. Personally I don't have FB nor Tweeter nor any kind of social network group accounts and I'm happy that way. CivilEA is the game I like to play. One CivilEA game is enough for us. Everything you have is here - you have software you want, e-books, discussions, you can make Private Messages, write Profile Comments, here are professional engineers from all around the world - what do you need more beside this?

To recapitulate: LinkedIn NO

My best regards,
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