Suggestion to arrange CivilEA Sections
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Suggestion to arrange CivilEA Sections
I have one Suggestion to arrange the Departments in CivilEA...

Now We can divide civilea in two main Subject :

Section no 1: [ Resources ]

These resources included the following
- Softwares
-Books & Videos

Section No 2 : Users Demands

and we can say this section includes
- Questions from users related to hardware problems [ softwares]
- Questions from users related to using of softwares
- Questions from users for requesting Resources (Softwares & Books)
- Questions of users related to Practical Problems
* Design * Constructions * Material

Section Number 1 { Resources } is very Tiddy and divided very well

Section Number 2 need some updating

I Suggest to Arrange Section Number 2 to Be as Following

Users Demands

- Resources
* Software Request
* Book Request

- Hardware Problems
* Activation of Softwares
* Bugs in Softwares

- Users Descussion (Softwares)
* Autodesk Programs
*CSI Programs
* Bently Programs (Staad , Ram,
* Others

- User Desctions ( Practical Problems)
* Design Problems
* Construction Problems
* Other Topics

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First I thank you for your suggestion.
My idea is the existing division (totally, but need some minor changes) are good and changing division is not favorites for existing users that adapt with existing sections. Anyway this is my idea only and we need idea from other users and moderators.

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