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[Request] Winteracter example code
Hi everybody,
Has anybody worked with WINTERACTER to create GUI?
Me and my group have started to work with it few months ago, and even tough
we managed to create some programs using help and demos, we are still having some basic issues with understanding the uses of different kind units (like pixel units, Igrunits and Winteracter units), which cause us deformations of the objects in window.

Anyway, could anybody put some simple just example code (like drawing lines or something) that has solved this coordinate system issue, please?


I can not understand you, why do you use Winteracter, In the market there are so many better graphical libraries. I can tell you that Winteracter is useful but at same time limited library.
I will just suggest you to move to OpenGL. Winteracter supports pure OpenGL v1.1, forget drawing in winteracter. You can find OpenGL examples under examples folder.

Yes, you are right Winteracter uses some internal units. This is a big limitation if you compile your application for Windows and Linux using the same code. in this case under Windows everithing is Ok but under Linux the buttons are to big. No solution for this, yet .

If you ask me I will use QT4 instead of winteracter and I will mix c++ and fortran or even NET and Fortran. Never try to create a graphical interface using only fortran, you will get in the trouble in near future.

Hope you will solve your task.

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