Can you explain this?
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Can you explain this?
Hopefully this won't offend any of you.

Just in case – This not necessarily my view nor an observation at the expense of the people that suffered in these terrible disasters, but purely an observation made by others and may not be the truth, i.e. Photoshop exercise or by other means, but if true, a valid question.

I have received an email showing the following photos and question:

Nagasaki 1945, after the atomic bomb:[Image: 10784746553608729745.jpg]

Nagasaki 2011, after earthquake and tsunami:
[Image: 86657256599028175079.jpg]

How did that arch are still standing?
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Very simple answer:
If it lasted undamaged the A-bomb, it was the strongest structure here, and it should survive all the accidents from the same and above "magintude".

The complex answer:
It is an open structure without walls, and the pressure (from the air-blast wave, and correspondingly from the water wave) that generates overturning force doesn't act on a large area.
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Its an open structure and also a heavy one.... the foundation must be a shallow one and yes the circular nature of column and the arch action have really done their job well...

please read

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