Thesis - Developing strut and tie model from topology optimization
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[Request] Thesis - Developing strut and tie model from topology optimization
Hey Guys, I am starting on my masters thesis, and will work on automatic development of a strut and tie model using topology optimization from a genetic algorithm and finite element model updating.
I am new to the topic, looking for resources , ideas and opinions. I want to work on it because i love coding and very interested in strut and tie modeling.

If anyone has a similar thesis or document I can learn from , I would really appreciate it.

I will be using matlab with comsol , anyone worked with comsol ? i chose it because of its direct link with matlab, which would be easier than ansys.


Use matlab and sap2000 because it convenient to link matlab and sap2000
U can develop optimization problem in matlab or already developed optimization algorithm are available in matlab and regarding for analysis you can use sap2000
There is one code in sap2000 API help files which shows how to connects sap2000 and matlab.

You can use Robot structural with Altiscad Optimizer also.
See the following link:
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how to get a copy ?


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