Please Tell Me Why in Drawing Title Block
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[Problem] Please Tell Me Why in Drawing Title Block
[Image: 4vfh1g.png]

Can someone help me.
I don't exactly know the usage of texts and numbers (with rows & columns) shown in picture with revision cloud.
I want to know how they are called & why they are used.

Thanks in advanced.
Aung Aung
These are GRIDS to your drawing sheet and when any one call u from a distance it it easy to locate on which location he is speaking
like grid d5 to e6 and u can jump on the location where is ur details or the part of dwg to be rectified
it all is as per my knowledge may be I am wrong
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There are plans with lots of information and with this coordinates you can easily point out the particular information you need to reference specially when the other person is on the phone or when you are writing and e-mail. Remember that you decide how many letters and numbers you need to use depending on how crowded your plans are.
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I want to set block on a angular line/poly line just as offset ,How do i do that ?
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