Structural Identification (St-Id) of Constructed Facilities
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Structural Identification (St-Id) of Constructed Facilities
Structural Identification (St-Id) of Constructed Facilities

Author: Edited by F. Necati Çatbaş, Tracy Kijewski-Correa and A. Emin Aktan | Size: 9.3 MB | Format: PDF | Publisher: ASCE & SEI | Year: 2011 | pages: 226

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Structural Identification (St-Id) can be defined as the process of creating/updating a model of a structure (e.g., finite element model) based on experimental observations/data. The St-Id paradigm aims to bridge the gap between the model and the real system by developing reliable estimates of the performance and vulnerability of structural systems through improved simulations. St-Id of constructed systems has attracted the attention of numerous researchers worldwide over the last several decades. It is the goal of this report to benchmark and provide an overview of these developments, which constitute the current state-of-the-art. A primary contribution of any such effort is in structuring the field and providing categories, which will serve to delineate and locate different developments. To organize the diverse paradigm of St-Id, the ASCE St-Id of Constructed Systems Committee adopted the six steps, which are related to:
modeling (analytical, numerical); experimentation (observations, sensing, data acquisition); data processing (error screening, feature extraction, etc.); comparison of model and experiment (model selection, parameter identification.); and decision-support (parametric studies, scenario analyses, risk assessment, etc.). The report presents these steps in the first six chapters, and the last two chapters are dedicated to several case studies to exemplify the implementation of St-Id to various structures from around the world.

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