What kind of program (software) to improve
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What kind of program (software) to improve
Hi , first of all I want to appreciate the hard work done to improve this website - Good job.

Actually, I need help on making a desicion regarding what type of program should I learn in summer.I'm about to finish my second semester and waiting for the summer holiday to show up - So I'm thinking of spending my time with some sort of program to help me in my career and my further studyings.

The programs that I'm thinking of are either : AutoCad 3D , Etabs or SAP ...

Any advise, or comment will be greatly appreciated.
Dear Aladdins,

Sorry I'm not sure about how many courses you have completed study in your first two semesters.

If you have learn the basic of drawings, it means you have completed the course of Engineering drawings: You should start learning Autocad 2D first, then AutoCad 3D.

If you have completed the Structural Analysis-II, Design of Concrete Structure, Design of Steel Structure you could start learning Structural Softwares, such as Etabs, Sap2000 or Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis.

Best regards,

Dear Aladdins,

if you finshed the Structural anlysis and Rienforced concrete design courses, I think it is good to start learn how to use softwares to analysis and design the structures, like Etabs, SAP, STAAD Pro.
if u didnt finish these courses, i think it will not be useful for you to learn structural analysis and design softwares.

Best Regards
Earthquake does not kill people, buildings do
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I take this opportunity to give advice to give to my son:
You are a student and I think the best you could do for your future would be:
1 - Make the most of their academic knowledge to create a solid base of knowledge;
2 - See buildings construction to gain knowledge of how it is constructive practice and the way that workers and constructor think (practice);
3 - Keep in mind that you should make the most knowing of your teachers have to offer - that it is important to understand how a structure works. You must look for a project and see how the structural elements will work. Having this clear perception, it is this ability that will make it a great professional.

The engineering programs are very advanced, are great and indispensable. No one doubts it! But they charge a price and can be a high price. If you do not know very well the theory runs the risk of early learning sophisticated programs and lose sensitivity and perception of the structural design and behavior of structures.

is necessary to have a minimum knowledge of the programs you have mentioned, but not risk using them to replace the theoretical and professional insight needed to large calculation.

My best regards

Dell Brett
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I think like Dell Brett.
First of all you must learn theory, practice on paper with a simple calculator. Learn static and dynamic very well and after that you must sit down on the computer and learn the programs. Programs do not solve the problems, people solve them :).

Maybe AutoCAD 2D for the start - fast drawings -> Learn and use commands.
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I really want to thank you -
I respect and agree with each single word said, taking them into real consideration.

I've negotiated this with my professor, he offered a book that's quite impressive in his thoughts.

Sure It's Engineers who solve problems :)

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