Warning - Spam?
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Warning - Spam?
Dear Admin / Mods,

I have registered to this forum for quite some time and always wanted to find opportunity to contribute.

However, with lack of technical experience and knowledge, I find myself hardly any platform for me to contribute.

Recently I saw that we have a CivilEA workshop, working on a real project with engineers all around the world, I find this is a good chance for me to get started to contribute positively to the community.

I PM-ed the Workshop leader and has confirmed my place in the workshop BS team.

I then wrote a introductory greeting post in the workshop topic and wish the workshop a great success.

It was a real sincere post but my post got deleted and I got a +2 points warning level. So, why

We understand the Mod are trying make this forum really clean and tidy, but my question is, when my sincere greeting move has been considered as spam, I see the reason why there isn't much reply.

What is your final objective? Are you expecting to see this forum, with many Topics, but all 0 replies, because everyone is just going to press the Thank you button? I agree that just saying "thank you" is considered spam, but why is my post being considered as spam as well?

Do you want to see the forum, having topics actively posted by the specific group of user (say 10%), and the 90% will just click Thank you (or maybe thats just the 10% top poster clicking thank you among themselves only - the rest are just submerging in this forum, get their information, and contribute nothing).

All due respect, and with no doubt of your qualification, I myself ran a couple of forums before and has successfully engage most of the users. Do you want this forum and the community to remain this way - only active due to the specific few users, or you want this group to expand, and slowly we get more and more % of active contributors?

When I make this post, I risk getting my post deleted and maybe I will get warning to another level - But I am still going to post this. I believe there are many users like me, wanted to contribute, but we are so restricted.

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No, we want 90% active users and we prefere users pressing thanks for valuable posts helping them and not for complains like this one without knowing the reason.
We don't want stories, greatings but good material shared with all.
This is your Post (your great contribution) :

Quote:I am excited to be part of the BS team and cant wait to see the project start rolling...!

Nice to meet you all here and hope this cross-country project will be a great success.

And we are excited because you are excited, but why you think all users of this forum must read your post ?

This topic (CivilEA Virtual Workshop) is for members of the group for engineering messages related to the organisation, technical material sharing and not for people searching friends and notoriety.

Read posts #24 and #25 asking users to use PM for joining the group.
You are not the first warned for spam for this reason here and i'm afraid not the last.
Try to reread the rules and my post for people forgoting to read the rule in the rules thread.

We have enoygh problems to access our server without wasting the space and the time with useless posts, complains and answers to complains.
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Dear BennyP,
following the thread from
Content of this section is hidden, You must be registered and activate your account to see this content. See this link to read how you can remove this limitation:



Quote:When you see the warnings you are so proud to show us, you can press the warning and see the reason i wrote - "Third time wrong section (software problem in software request). Quote full previous post without reason."

I understand your point. The problem is if I press the warning appears another screen where i see this:
[Image: 37283390682988546460.jpg]
therefore I cant see the reason for the warning you mentioned above.
I dont like to argue, but see for yourself what I see.
I am not so proud, but if I would have seen that " Third time wrong section (software problem in software request). Quote full previous post without reason ", I would not ask any question.

Anyway, I believe that is better for me to stay low profile and only benefit from others work, because it seems that good faith it is not taken into account.

The only thing i asked you and i ask every user is to understand a good organised forum where searching for something is easy is our target. Every one is invited to contibute but using our rules. I know some users begining with a lot of warnings and today VIP.
You want to be inactive, be my guest. Some people love to share with others and some people don't. I believe what you don't post today someone else will post tomorrow and no one here is so important for accepting sharing with preliminary conditions.
I'm sure here we have hundreds (maybe thousands) of engineers better than me but i work for all of them and many others only benefit.
We are here from every place in the world and we want to share, to help and to learn. The only problem is we are thousands and someone must do what i and a few other people do for you guarding this place clean. And if you can't see the reason of warning this is the place to ask Admin to check the problem and i support your request because every one have the right to know where is the fault and not only to receive the warning but people must learn from faults..
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What can be done to see the text you specified ?
Quote: Third time wrong section (software problem in software request). Quote full previous post without reason.
'cause I cant see the text in the image atached above, so I didnt know what spam I did, for my pity! at least this can be repaired so another time I know the exact reason for an possible warning?
maybe other users have the same problem, so they cant see the detailed reason for their warning.

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