AISC Shapes (Part 3-Final)
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AISC Shapes (Part 3-Final)
The AISC Shapes (W) in DXF files.
Unit: inches

Series W27, W30, W33, W36, W40 and W44:

.rar   Shapes W27.rar (Size: 28.76 KB / Downloads: 186)

.rar   Shapes W30.rar (Size: 27.07 KB / Downloads: 152)

.rar   Shapes W33.rar (Size: 22.02 KB / Downloads: 134)

.rar   Shapes W36.rar (Size: 33.87 KB / Downloads: 150)

.rar   Shapes W40.rar (Size: 37.23 KB / Downloads: 154)

.rar   Shapes W44.rar (Size: 6.8 KB / Downloads: 134)
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