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[Problem] Meaning of Abbreviations/ Acronyms
Dear members,

In the sentence: Concrete is composed of cement (7-14%, v/v),...
What does the v/v means? I don't want to traslate this wrong and with some of mine presumptions.

Thanks in advance,
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it is volumetric ratio, 7 to 14% of cement in concrete by volume and not by weight.
1 cubic meter concrete will have 0.07 to 0.14 cubic meter of cement.
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What does AET means in e.g. 'AET in Architecture' or 'AET in Civil Engineering'??

This AET in something should stands for civil/ structural engineer (a man/ woman finished 5 years of civil engineering study and has diploma in civil/ structural engineering). I'm not familiar with this abbreviation, thus I need some help regarding this issue. Is there some other abbreviation or some other word describing this title (title I wrote above in brackets and underline)

With regards,
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Dear Grunf,

In my university there is a 5 years course similar to this type/name delivered by the department "AED" :- Architectural Engineering Department. And in simple words they cover both what you say study of Architecture and Structural Engineering (not other fields of civil engineering).

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Dear members,

Now I found out that AET can stand for Academic Enhancement Team or it can stand for Assistant Engineer Trainees. What's your opinion about it?

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What's the context?
My guess is that AET is referring to:

Assistant Engineer Trainees.

Yours truly, gulilero
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I tought the same (the AET stands for Assistant Engineer Trainees), but I needed to hear this from someone better in English than I am.

We (my colleagues and I) are making Business Cards and AET is found in some old versions of the same written after the persons name. E.g. John Doe, AET in Civil Engineering - John Doe's are teaching and/or research assistants with 1-6 years of experience in CE. We were confused by this abbreviation because we never saw nor heard someone's using this abbreviation.

Thank you for helping me resolve this riddle.

With regards,
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Dozens of AET in the WEB.

Some examples:

Assistant English Teacher in Japanese schools.
AET Tanker Holdings Sdn Bhd, formerly American Eagle Tankers
AET, an abbreviation used in sport, used to denote the score 'After Extra Time'
The American Educational Trust ("AET") is a non-profit foundation
Allakaket Airport (IATA: AET)
The Association of Educational Therapists (AET)
Association for European Transport (AET)
Alliance for Environmental Technology
Africa Educational Trust (AET)
Advanced Entertainment Technology (AET)

The same and more here:

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I suppose your guess is the right one. See:

[Image: 64909366566410137731.gif]

[Image: 59426861996204661603.gif]

Looking at the date of the last (?) you can see is a very old abbreviation but the first image is from a 2010 document .

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AET is used in some countries where a person with an Engineering Bachelor's Degree has not yet achieved the qualification to be a Professional Engineer or P.E. and is aspiring to get that designation (title) once he/she completes the training and passes an ethics and Law exam. The title will allow he/she to stamp and sign designs.
Some countries/states/provinces (e.g., Canada) do not allow the use of the term Engineer at all unless you are a Professional Licensed Engineer. The term used instead is Engineer in Training or EIT.
If you have a degree from a university with an accredited engineering program you may use the term B.Eng. (Bachellor of Engineering) or B.A.Sc. (Bachellor of Arts and Science).
If you have a diploma in engineering like that obtain at universities in many european countries you may use Dipl. Eng. (Diploma in Engineering).
Hope this clarifies your concerns.
Yours truly, gulilero
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