Concrete Masonry Homes: Recommended Practices
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Concrete Masonry Homes: Recommended Practices
Concrete Masonry Homes: Recommended Practices

Author: NAHB Research Center | Size: 5.6 MB | Format: PDF | Publisher: U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development | Year: 1999 | pages: 53

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Concrete Masonry Homes: Recommended Practices was developed as a guideline for using concrete masonry in the construction of homes in the United States. This document was prepared in response to previous research efforts funded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), the National Concrete Masonry Association (NCMA), and the Portland Cement Association (PCA). The previous years’ research efforts focused on constructing two demonstration homes to help identify key issues builders face when constructing homes with concrete masonry, especially homes with above-grade walls in nontraditional masonry markets. The results of that study are documented in Building Concrete Masonry Homes: Design and Construction. The connection of various materials and products to concrete masonry walls was one key issue identified by the study, particularly in regions unfamiliar with concrete masonry construction.
This document focuses primarily on the attachment of common residential materials and elements to concrete masonry wall construction. The installation of certain materials or products commonly affects the installation of other materials or elements; in addition, tools and fasteners used for one type of application may be used for another. Needless to say, materials and elements may be installed in many possible combinations. In an effort both to present an abundance of information in a concise manner and limit the amount of cross-referencing between fact sheets, this document is divided into seven fact sheets as listed below. Each fact sheet focuses on a specific type of connection or attachment. The first three fact sheets primarily address structural connections, the fourth focuses on common finishes that may be used on CMU walls, the fifth deals with thermal aspects of CMU construction, the sixth concentrates on utility placement alternatives, and the seventh considers common tools and fasteners used to install the items discussed in the previous fact sheets.
FS·1, Foundation Connections
FS·2, Floor Connections
FS·3, Roof Connections
FS·4, Finish Attachments
FS·5, Insulation Placement
FS·6, Utility Placement
FS·7, Tools and Fasteners
To gain a greater understanding of residential concrete masonry construction and the various possible combinations for the installation of materials and elements, the reader is encouraged to read the entire document and determine, well before the design stage, which issues are of primary importance and how the selected priority items affect other elements of construction. For example, insulation is not shown in the illustrations found in Fact Sheets 1 through 4; the reason is that various alternatives concerning insulation placement, if required by local code, are covered in Fact Sheet 5. By combining the information presented in Fact Sheets 1 through 4 with that found in Fact Sheet 5, a CMU wall may be constructed to meet local energy code requirements, as applicable. In addition, by reading the information presented in Fact Sheet 6, the reader can determine how the choice of insulation placement determines the installation of utilities. Finally, by reading Fact Sheet 7, the reader can identify what tools and fasteners are needed during construction based on the required types of attachments.
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