STAAD PRO. Shortcut Keys
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[Request] STAAD PRO. Shortcut Keys
i want to know some shortcut keys in STAAD Pro. it will be a big help for me.. thanks
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You can start by looking at the diagram tab there are plenty that you can start with.

for example:

Shift N - toggle on/off node number
Shift B - toggle on/off beam number
Shift S - toggle on/off support


there are plenty more but you have to start with the basic and commonly used ones.

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there are many. and you can find it our easily. for example if you open the symbols and lable button. you will find all the option with a letter (). use this in combination with Shift.. there you go..

for eg. Shift+V - for Load values display

the most useful i see is the Alt+V - This lets you to see only the members/plates you selected.
this if for the view purpose and fast.

for analysis its Ctrl+F5 (as it reads on the toolbar). so essentially you can building a easy reference sheet for all the shortcuts, in meantime you will get used to them. all the best.
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