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please give some detail for your uploaded files...

thanks for sharing
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Dear atul_123,

If you go to the link you will see about the spreadsheets.
They are related to Paving design and Soil stabilization.

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Design of Flexible Pavements with Maccaferri Geogrids

[Image: 40394333505346198781.jpg]

[Image: 22593767202057580761.jpg]
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.xls   Flexible Pavements with Maccaferri Geogrids.xls (Size: 136 KB / Downloads: 145)

Roughness Values for Streams

[Image: 71779644553792129413.jpg]
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.xls   Roughness Values for Streams.xls (Size: 56 KB / Downloads: 128)

Design of Soft Soil Stabilization with Maccaferri EB Geogrid Series

[Image: 05731535293893591956.jpg]

[Image: 00709988551355335381.jpg]
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.xls   Soft Soil Stabilization with Maccaferri EB Geogrid Series.xls (Size: 762 KB / Downloads: 181)
stone age was not finished due to lack of stones. . . . . .tEChNOlOGY Changed
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