California Prestressing Manual
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California Prestressing Manual
California Prestressing Manual

Size: 4.2 MB | Format: PDF | Year: 2005 | pages: 77

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A large percentage of the bridges built in California are prestressed, post-tensioned type structures. As a bridge engineer working for the Divisions of Structure Construction, you should understand the construction principles relating to prestressed, post-tensioned bridge construction.
This Prestress Manual has been compiled to provide the field engineer with the necessary information and the background to perform three basic duties:
1. Check the contractor’s working drawings.
2. Provide thorough and complete inspection during the construction of the bridge with respect to the prestressing operation.
3. Understand and enforce Section 50 titled “Prestressing Concrete” of the Standard Specifications and any pertinent references.
The information included herein is to be considered as both a reference and guideline for structure representatives and assistant structure representatives. This manual should be reviewed both prior to working drawing review and during the prestressing operation. This manual should be available to the field engineer during the post-tensioning operation.
This manual, along with good communication between the structure representative, Structure Design, Materials Engineering and Testing Services (METS), and the contractor, will provide a finished product consisting of sound structural integrity with a minimal amount of construction related problems.

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