why the classification became less ????
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why the classification became less ????
Dear Admin. and our moderators
after the last forum's updating , I show some changing s without comments from Admin or Mod.
1. the classification of members became less than before, for example I were as pro. engineer and after updating I became Active engineer ( why )
2. the civilea medals was deleted ( why )
3. the member's informations ( points , donates , flags , etc ) was deleted ( why )
4. at the main page the moderator's names in a white color
I hope to find an answer for my questions

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mowafi3m and all others,

I believe the classification is the least important thing in forum. This is one of the numberous question to the forum and I believe it is only imoportant wheather you are VIP, MOD, regular or non-regular member - period. Don't waste your time on those kind of questions (this goes to all, not only to mowafi3m - we recieved like a million similar questions)

maybe the scale of the points to reach some membership is raised or... This is really not important, wheather you are a Pro, Semi-pro, Active or I-don't-know-what... Importatnt is that you are VIP or not - by being a VIP you have access to some sections that can't access regular members.
(digression: you don't have to become Professional Engineer to be chosen as one of VIPs - you have to have good activity and you have to help others - we don't care about post count too much when upgrading someone to VIP, rather we DO care about the quality of posts

If you are living in Croatia - this is common thing - medals comes as they gone - nothing special. As Admin said, some plugins to the forum are removed - some of them are removed temporary, some of them will never come back...

same as A2

same as A3 ...colors would be back because we just have to have visual difference between our members.

I hope I found answers to your questions...

In my opinion (I said it few times) the less is sometimes (as it is in this case) better. The Thanks, Points and Medals are only the greed boosters - if you want to help someone, just help and ask for nothing. Maybe we'll need to open a new poll with statements like:

The forum needs this counter the most:

1) the thanks (agree/thanks)
2) the pointing system
3) medals
4) the thanks + medals
5) the points + medals
6) all
7) none

After this poll ends and after we'll count the votes and know what the people needs and we'll stick to it.

One more thing to know - this forum is young (since Dec 2008) so we need some time to tune it up.

With regards,
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In my opinion, there are no need to pointing, thanking, medaling or reputation systems. I see a lot of useless posts which were sent to increase their post counts and when I login to forum it is taking time to read them but the conclusion of contents are nothing. Is this not a waste of time? The forum is very good as what it is currently (now) without these systems. I (or may be most of us) need good/clear posts, solved problems/requests and to improve my/our engineering.
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I can vote right now and my vote is for 1.
All others are subjective (decided by moderators or only by Admin) and too much times they changed or simply dead together with data base crashes.
If an user agree or feel a post helped him he can press Thanks/Agree and this is enough.
I saw some users pressing Thanks everywhere including posts where users have divergent opinions they gave thanks to both opinions.
I hope the reason is only some misunderstanding related to the english level.
We had some users giving each other thanks (after changing some PM i think) or after creating another account for this task.
I catched they and banned so if someone want to try one more time, i promise him, will be catched and banned.
I received a lot of medals, reputation, more than 22000 points and if i can live without them i'm sure anyone can.
The thanks is for far more democratic than others and we have other ways to apreciate users (the VIP group).
I agree with Grunf, and would vote for 7. Let's let the admins evaluate one's contributions and good work, and based upon that decide who is eligible for VIP status. Everything else like medals, points, and so on are not needed, and only complicate the maintenance of the forum and raise need for system resources.

I fully agree with the above statements, and, like BennyP, I think it is sufficient only Thanks (#1).
Thanks have a motivating effect and encouraging! Too many other means of recognition can, according to my point of view, be more frustrating than exciting, it seem difficult to obtain.


Dell Brett
The Thanks / Agree button is fundamental to the Forum. It is part of the culture itself, I think, in addition to serving as a method of verification or control: If Brett or Grunf Dell click on Agree in a post, this must meet the requirements, so the work is limited to only check the valid links ... If a Software Thread has the Agree of BennyP must be flawless.
My vote is for the No. 1 ...
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Dear movafi3m,

You are an Active Engineer because you have 284 posts and the forum software is programed to change the title according to the post number.
You are a VIP because the forum staff considered you contribute, share and help others.
I can give you an example of a Semiactive Engineer with 103 posts and from 103, 100 are in Books/Codes Request.
Do you think he is better than an Inactive User with only 5 posts but useful posts ?
Personally i prefer silent users instead of users searching here only how to complete the personal library or the municipal library of their town and continuing asking and asking.
Dear our moderators ,
thanks for your attention and your quick reply

only I asked the previous questions to clarify some things

1. the reduction of classification isn't an internal penalty for the member who did a bad things in the past , and the same saying about the medals etc. this is the most important thing for me ,

2. if the reduction of classification was as a re-evaluation from Admin or moderators , or there was new rules of evaluation , it should announce us , to follow the new rules or to correct our previous faults

3. for the some changing s , I believed that some bugs happened after the forum updating

it is too sufficient for me that I'm in V.I.P section in this great forum
believe me I didn't intend to waste your time, SO I VOTE FOR (#1)
thanks again for all

(04-20-2011, 03:52 PM)BennyP Wrote: I prefer silent users instead of users searching here only how to complete the personal library or the municipal library of their town and continuing asking and asking.
Dear BennyP
you are one of the characters whom have a wide effect in my engineering life
I think miss understanding in my post , maybe I didn't express well, but you should believe me I'm not searching about any thing from the above so, I'm very sad for this reply,
I didn't expect that my post will cause all that anger tone
I introduce my sorry for all

You've missunderstood BennyP. I must stand in his defens and tell you that by the above quote (mentioned in your post #9) he did not meant about you in any case, he meant on some other member (I very well knows of whom he was talking about). So, you didn't need to appologize - you have done nothing wrong. Among other thing, BennyP's tone is not angry in any case - he explained clearly few obvious things...

As we speak about all of this, I believe we should cut/ remove post count just for the first posts in threads in all of the request sections and in free discussion section. Some opinions about this?

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